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Dan Riley

English Musician living in Dresden, Germany.matched betting experts

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Dan Riley is a Dresden based, English-born, Irish-rooted Singer-Songwriter. His songs flirt with a
wide range of sentiments loosely anchored to the Alternative Folk genre and offer an ‘introverts
insight’ into the human psyche, almost always as a means to experimenting and growing in a
cathartic manner. He studied Poetry in Liverpool, England which he felt would be beneficial to his
growth as a musician and a love of the spoken word through song was the inspiration that helped
him to hone the craft of lyrical composition and story telling.

It was an event that occurred much more recently which proved to be a pivotal moment in Dans life
and the direction he would choose to go from there onwards. In August 2018 he had an accident at
work whilst working in a barrel makers in Dresden which resulted in him losing the top digits from
two fingers on his left hand. Exactly the same injury as Black Sabbaths guitarist Tony Iomi.

‘I sat in the hospital waiting room for nearly two hours with my arm elevated and my fingers wrapped in a make-shift bandage using the thumb and forefinger of my right hand as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and I remember thinking that I was going to have to leave my life in Dresden and would never be able to play guitar again. Fast-forward ten days and I was sat at home with two huge bandages on my fingers playing guitar in a drop B tuning using my first and fifth finger and slowly composing song ideas which would later form my upcoming third EP ‘Two Finger Blues‘. I didn’t make an active choice to be positive or optimistic, luckily it just went that way for me this time’

At the end of 2020 Dan started writing new songs to be used as part of a second album and it was
during this time that he was made aware of the extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann who has been
making waves on the extreme sport scene for a number of years now. Almost immediately, ideas
began flowing and in particular, song texts using a narrative style started presenting themselves.
There was a correlation between the personal hardships faced on an individual level between these
two unknown people who were each operating in a completely different universe to one another. It
became a huge source of inspiration to Dan as a song-smith and he started to compose songs which
tried to capture some of the moments faced by Jonas on his journeys, in particular his ongoing
‘Triathlon Around The World’ expedition

You can purchase the soundtrack to the documentary film ‘Jonas Deichmann – Das Limit Bin Nur Ich’ directly from bandcamp as a digital download on the link below. This album was composed by Dan and is available on all major platforms via the below link. Please feel free to share, like and follow me on all the given social media platforms.


For more information about Jonas Deichmann, or the film producers Ravir Film, just click the below links.



Listen to my music on Soundcloud Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter